The Dos and Don’ts Of Fire Doors

If the fire door in your building leaves you with more questions than answers, you’ve come to the right place.

A fire door isn’t a device to be installed and forgotten. A fire door can only function to the fullest of potential if you understand its purpose, application and upkeep. That’s why we’re counting down the dos and don’ts of the crucial safety device.


Before installing a fire door, it’s important to read the relevant Building Codes of Australia. These codes will mandate the type and location of your fire door, in order to uphold the legal safety requirements.

Do hire a qualified installer to install and set up your fire door. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials from your installer to ensure your door is installed correctly and legally.

Get your fire doors inspected regularly, as per the recommendation advice of your installer. This will ensure that your building will be up to scratch with the latest codes for when federal, state or local inspections are conducted.

It’s wise to keep all of your fire door documentation. They will be useful to your installers for when maintenance checks or repairs need to be made.


Under no circumstance should a fire door be locked. Fire Doors are designed to be easily opened and closed to prevent wasting precious time during an emergency. Even if everyone in your building has access to a key, the fire door should still remain unlocked at all times.

Never wedge open a fire door – this is actually illegal. Leaving a gap between the door and the building space immediately negates the functionality of a fire door. A wedged open fire door will provide minimal protection to you in an emergency, as the fire can spread rapidly past the fire door into the proceeding area.

Don’t leave anything in front of a fire door. One of the most important aspects of a fire escape plan is having a clear path to safety. If the path to your fire door is obstructed in any way, it’s important to remove these objects immediately. This is because they will pose as potential tripping hazards during an emergency, as well as increase the time it takes to evacuate.

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