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Fire Doors, Core and Compliance Testing

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to satisfy any of your fire door needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Changes to the Regulations…What doors can fit on your job?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what doors are compliant. We’ve done all of our testing to the latest Australian Standards and can walk you through the steps to figure out what works for you. Find out more here.

Doors that LAST

Our doors are designed and proven to last. The Australian standards guidelines suggest 10,000 slam cycles, and our doors have been subjected to over 100,000 slam cycles without failure when the test was stopped. If you open and close your door 4x a day, that’s equivalent to 68 years!


We have successfully tested the most common fire door wall systems and hardware. Contact us if you have something outside the box that you need tested or approved.

Environmentally Friendly

Our doors contain NO timber based products. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable resources and we maintain a commitment to sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint. If you’d like to find out more about our commitment to sustainability please ask one of our team members.

Machining / Profiling

We have successfully tested the most common fire door wall systems. We recommend door profiling & machining services through one of our agents. The benefit of doing all the cutting in a factory setting enables faster site installation times, considerable time & cost savings on site.


Due to the nature of the non-combustible materials used in FDC doors, it is strongly recommended to have all the cutting done in a controlled environment to minimise dust, such as a CNC machine using dust extraction. Further safety advice is available here.

Acoustic Performance

Our doors have been designed and acoustically tested to the latest standards to give you sound properties and insulation . In conjunction with commonly used perimeter & drop seals, our ‘Mini’ 36mm Doors can achieve up to any acoustic rating of RW34.

Smoke Performance

Doors tested to AS1530.7:2007 with leakage rates compliant to AS6905.

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