Fire Door Upgrade Solutions for Heritage Buildings

Heritage Doors can be integral to a building’s character and history. However, they may need upgrades to meet current fire safety regulations.

Heritage Doors can be one of the most beautiful aspects of a building. Often detailed and intricate, we’d understand why many individuals would be tempted to resist modifying such a prominent vintage feature. However, the Building Code of Australia (AS1530.4) sets the legal fire-resistant ratings for doors today.

This means a heritage door may require additional fire-proofing adjustments to comply with current standards. Fortunately, here at Fire Safe Doors, our friendly team of experts can ensure that your heritage doors meet the requirements, without necessarily needing to compromise the original door’s unique features. Here’s how we can make that happen.

Building Assessment and Fire Door Testing

Firstly, a thorough fire assessment of the building should take place, during which we will analyse the fire-safe viability of every door’s existing materials, features and protection levels. Primarily, the door leaf, frame, and hardware must be in good working order.

Thereafter, our team will assess if the current fire doors can be dismantled and reinstalled without major damage. If possible, this would be an ideal strategy, as heritage doors can be easily upgraded for re-installation. During that process, we will also see if the door’s hardware needs any updates, and if so, what kind.

Heritage Door Upgrades

For example, intumescent coatings or other fire-resistant materials can be applied if the heritage door’s edges or leaves are becoming worn out This kind of update is particularly effective when it comes to timber or panelled heritage doors. Glazing is another fire-resistant option, and can be added to existing glass on a heritage door with ease.

If the hardware of a heritage door is what needs updating, there are, in fact, heritage-style hardware options to choose from, with modern utility additions to help them comply with current regulations. For example, a magnetic door holder, security latch or release could all be implemented during the updating process, to increase the fire rating of the building.

Our Services

When considering fire door upgrade solutions for your heritage buildings, it can be difficult to discern what updates may be necessary to make the existing fire doors compliant. However, our team at Fire Safe Doors can simplify the process for you, as all of our testing gets done in accordance to the latest Australian Standards. Our experienced crew can walk you through all of the steps, to identify the best solutions for your building projects.

Over many years in operation, we have successfully tested the most common fire door wall systems and hardware, so you can feel confident about our assessments and advice. To discuss potential fire door upgrade solutions today, call or email our team using the information provided below.

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