Different Types of Fire Doors in Australia

Fire Safety’s best passive safety device is the Fire Door. Today, we’re running through the main types sold in Australia.

Are fire doors a legal requirement? Why do we install them? What are the different options? Which fire door is the safest?

All these questions, and more, are answered below.

fire doors australia

Before we run through the main types of fire doors, here’s a quick refresher on their purpose and functionality. Fire Doors are the best passive form of protection when it comes to preventing the spread of a fire.

Fire Doors are created and measured by the length of time they can withhold a fire. You can tell a fire door from a normal door because a fire door is self-closing and self-latching. This is crucial to their functionality because if the gaps aren’t sealed, the heat/fire will push through. So, what type of fire door is best for you? That depends on the type of building as well as the Building Code of Australia. Here are some of the most common types installed in Australia and where they are most frequently installed.

Glass Fire Doors (hinged/sliding)

Glass Fire Doors are recommended for office buildings, shopping centres, open-place workspaces and other large scale buildings that require a high level of visibility.

Sliding Fire Doors

Sliding Fire Doors are best utilised in crowded or small spaces, where room is paramount. Because a sliding door doesn’t swing open, it can be easier to open in an emergency situation. Sliding Fire Doors are usually present at hospitals, restaurants and parking zones.

Steel Security Hinged Doors

Steel Doors are used when security is a top priority, as well as fire safety. Expect steel security hinged doors at petrol stations, communication centres, and other high-density places.

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